Acute Care Surgery APC Fellowship

Acute Care Surgery APC Fellowship

Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Overview

Program Description

This HealthPartners post-graduate program for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners provides advanced training in Trauma Surgery, Emergency General Surgery, and Surgical Intensive Care.. The mission of the program is to train highly-qualified Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to become skilled, compassionate, efficient care providers with a focus on systems based practice and population health.  To achieve this goal, the Acute Care Surgery APC Fellowship Program engages learners in extensive training in a variety of teaching environments and subspecialties required to be proficient in Trauma Surgery at HealthPartners.

Length of Program: 12 months

Class Size: TBD

Annual Starting Date: January

Program Mission

Fellowship training allows APCs to refine their knowledge and skills to successfully integrate into the specialty of Acute Care Surgery at an accelerated rate compared with on-the-job training. Having advanced clinical knowledge and procedural skills provides the APC with confidence and competence as they integrate into their career.



The APC Fellow will have the opportunity to continue their development of critical thinking skills and interprofessional collaboration for successful practice as a Acute Care Surgery APC. The 12-month Fellowship focuses on skills necessary to effectively assess, coordinate, and deliver evidence-based and cost-effective surgical care. The Fellow will spend extensive time in our HealthPartners Simulation Center, learning both procedural skills and participating in high-fidelity symptom-based patient care simulations. Through simulation, lecture, Fellow presentations, and journal club, didactic sessions will compliment diverse rotations and hands on experiences.


Acute Care Surgery APC Fellows spend a significant portion of their training at Regions Hospital, a Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center. The APC Fellow will also rotate to those specialty areas deemed essential for proficiency in Acute Care Surgery at HealthPartners.

Clinical rotation schedule (subject to change):

  • Majority of the year will be spent on the wards with the Trauma, Acute Care Surgery, and Surgical Intensive Care Unit teams gaining experience critical in becoming proficient in the care of surgical trauma patients. Other rotations or topics may include:
  • General Surgery
  • Burn Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Wound Care
  • Perioperative Internal Medicine
  • Pain Medicine
  • Palliative Care

Program Faculty:

Dr. Fred Rogers– Acute Care Surgery APC Fellowship Program Director