Undergrad: Loyola University | Grad: University of North Dakota

2023-2024 Hospital Medicine APC Fellow

Prior to my journey into healthcare, I was a litigator and spent an extensive amount of time assisting various client populations, volunteering to help those who were unable to afford legal advocacy, and working to further develop young lawyers, as was myself, with various local and national organizations.

Then, an unfortunate event occurred surrounding my father’s health. He suffered from a stroke early after his retirement, which left me disheartened and searching, internally, for answers. It led to venture onto a healthcare path with a goal of learning medicine. I became a nurse and worked on a step-down unit with a cardiology focus before becoming a nurse practitioner. Now, I am here, and incredibly fortunate to be chosen to continue to learn hospital medicine. I am excited and in awe of the vast knowledge that everyone around me will have and will help me acquire through this fellowship.

The early years of my life were spent in Hong Kong, raised with values instilled in me by grandparents prior to coming to the States. Here, I grew up in a small town in North Dakota and moved to Minneapolis after law school. In my free time, I like to cook, try new recipes and restaurants, and travel.