Undergrad: Widener University | Grad: University of North Dakota

2023-2024 Psychiatry APC Fellow

My experience as a nurse span multiple specialties. However, working in mental health became more appealing and intriguing. I grew more passionate about improving the health of individuals with psychiatric and mental health needs. My curiosity and commitment compel me to obtain an advanced degree as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner so as to be more involved in treatment planning, advocating, and educating patients about their mental health.

I hope to make a more significant impact in the lives of mentally ill individuals by improving their quality of life and patient outcomes. As a provider, I hope to help decrease the stigma associated with mental health through awareness, especially within minority populations. In addition, this program will enhance my skill set, knowledge, and confidence as a provider.

I enjoy my time with family and friends when I am not at work. My husband and our seven-year-old son enjoy watching movies and playing games at home. We also love to travel and explore new places. I love cooking for the family and also enjoy trying out new recipes.