Undergrad: Metro State University | Grad: University of Minnesota

2024-2025 Psychiatry APC Fellow

I was raised in a close-knit community in a small town in Cameroon, West Africa, where mutual support was the norm. My early caregiving experiences unfolded when my grandmother, residing with my family, needed assistance due to the absence of nursing homes in Cameroon. This instilled in me a compassion for others, seamlessly transitioning into my career as a nursing assistant in nursing and group homes when I began my professional journey in the United States in 2002. Subsequently, I became a registered nurse with experience in skilled nursing facilities and acute mental health care. Serving as a float pool psychiatric mental-health nurse, I worked in adult psych units, encountering individuals with diverse mental health illnesses. Observing distinct approaches from various providers who assessed and treated patients for recovery fueled my desire to do more for others. With a profound belief in holistic well-being and the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, I embarked on the path to become a doctorally prepared psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, aiming to understand and address the unique challenges faced by individuals with psychiatric disorders.


With a foundation in nursing and a dedicated commitment to holistic care, I’ve witnessed the transformative impact of empathetic and comprehensive mental health care. Choosing the psychiatric mental health APC fellowship program reflects my commitment to advancing knowledge and skills in this specialized area. It provides an opportunity to deepen my understanding of evidence-based practices, refine clinical expertise, and contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of mental health care. This marks a pivotal step in my professional journey, driven by the belief that every individual deserves comprehensive and compassionate mental health support.


Beyond professional pursuits, I find joy in spending indoor and outdoor time with my family, husband, three children, and friends. Whether going for a run or taking a moment to smell the roses, I emphasize maintaining a healthy work-life balance to recharge and approach work with renewed energy and perspective. This passion for adventures with friends not only adds vibrancy to my life but also underscores the importance of self-care in promoting overall well-being—a principle I carry into my approach to patient care in the psychiatric mental health field.