Undergrad: University of Minnesota | Grad: Bethel University

2023-2024 Hospital Medicine APC Fellow

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology, with the aspiration to pursue
a career in healthcare. In my time o! of school I worked as a nursing assistant on a pediatric bone
marrow transplant floor, where I fell in love with working with patients and their families in the inpatient setting. I then attended Bethel University, where I received my masters of physician assistant studies. Throughout my rotations in school, I continued to enjoy caring for patients in the inpatient setting. I particularly fell in love with the role of a hospitalist in ensuring holistic care during a patient’s time in the hospital, as well as the diverse and complex patients seen. My favorite part of being a physician assistant is the role I play in providing comfort and knowledge to patients during their time in the hospital and to better understand their health. I have recognized throughout rotations that the
education and knowledge on a patient’s condition is so crucial in providing the best care. I appreciated
the role of a hospitalist in the early stages of a patient’s understanding, and assuring the patient is set up
with appropriate follow up opportunities. I am excited for how much I will be able to learn as a
hospitalist medicine fellow, and use that knowledge to be the best provider possible in the near future.

I grew up in Lakeville, MN and currently reside in Saint Louis Park. I have many hobbies outside of
medicine. I love to be active, and find fun places to hike and enjoy the outdoors. I have a two year old
Labrador Retriever named Basal that I am currently in the process of training to be a diabeteic alert dog,
which takes up quite a bit of my free time. I have recently rekindled my love and traveling and took my
first trip to Europe this fall, and hope to return again very soon.