Undergrad/Grad: Bethel University

2023-2024 Hospital Medicine APC Fellow

Before PA school, I attended Bethel University and majored in Bioenergetics and Applied Health
Science. As an athlete, I knew one day that I needed a career that encouraged me in lifelong,
team-based learning. I was drawn to the PA profession because of its dynamic skill set, extensive
collaboration within the healthcare team, and the ability to practice medicine. Throughout PA school,
I was drawn to areas of medicine that required strong critical thinking and collaborative skills. For me,
this was best satisfied in my inpatient medicine rotations, specifically hospital medicine, and critical care. I chose to pursue hospital medicine because, as an APC Hospitalist, I can connect with patients during the vulnerability of hospitalization and treat medically complex diseases. This is where I feel my gifts are best utilized. I am extremely humbled to be a fellow on the hospital medicine team and participate in the Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program. The opportunity to complete the Fellowship will help me gain the skills necessary to serve my patients and my team better.

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my friends, working out, playing sports, hunting,
fishing, watching movies, reading, and serving. I have never been out of the country, but I have been
to most states in the lower 48, save a couple. When I have extended time off, I enjoy visiting my family
in Colorado and love getting out in the mountains – downhill skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and