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Training the advanced practice clinicians of the future

The HealthPartners Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Fellowship Program is designed to ensure high-quality care to patients and to provide support and development of new clinicians.

As an APC Fellow, you will graduate ready to improve health and health care while containing costs; understand the healthcare system where you work; be familiar and ready to practice teaming behaviors; and have strong clinical competency in your chosen specialized area of care delivery.

APC Fellows are based throughout HealthPartners in multiple practice settings. Depending on your program, you may be placed in an urban, rural, hospital, or outpatient setting.

Goals of the APC Fellowship Program

  • To provide postgraduate specialty training for APCs that promotes competency in systems-based practice with a focus on improving health and healthcare while containing costs.
  • To give APCs the opportunity to refine their knowledge and skills so they may integrate into their chosen specialty at an accelerated rate.
  • To ensure that APC Fellows experience didactic and clinical training that will prepare them to be skilled partners in care delivery.

Benefits of the APC Fellowship Program

  • The HealthPartners APC Fellowship offers a wide variety of structured education experiences that would otherwise take years of on the job training.
  • HealthPartners APC Fellows develop confidence and expertise in the area of chosen professional focus.
  • HealthPartners APC Fellows are more attractive to future employers, often resulting in a higher starting salary.
  • If already advanced in an APC career, the HealthPartners APC Fellowship provides a structured way to transition specialties.
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How to apply

Click here for applicant qualification requirements.